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Machine of the Month: The GEKA Microcrop Steelworker

GEKA Microcrop Steelworker

Saws Direct is bringing you another Machine of the Month. This month it is the GEKA SD-Microcrop Ironworker.

The SD Microcrop is an indispensable machine for any fabricators, workshops and structural applications. It can accomplish a variety of workroom tasks made possible by it’s 3 work stations. Such tasks include punching, bar shearing and angle cutting. This 36 ton machine can punch up to a diameter of 27x10mm with a maximum punching power of 360kn. It makes difficult jobs such as rectangular notching simple and accurate. The microcrop ironworker also has an electric stop installed.

For more information and details on the SD Microcrop go to:

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Posted on 18/Dec/2015 by Saws Direct.