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Pallet Dismantling Bandsaw

The Pallet Warrior is designed to dismantle/strip broken or unwanted pallets back down into component parts.

The pallets are manually fed through the machine and a band saw blade sepatates the blocks and boards by cutting the nails.

The boards and blocks etc. can then be recycled into new pallets or used to
repair pallets.

•Fully CE compliant
•Can be used as one or two man operated machine
•Cast iron wheels with custom moulded polyurethane coating.
•Braked Motor
•Category 3 safety controls
•Blade sensor cuts out motor if blade breaks
•Fully automatic blade tensionning system
•Easy and quick to use manual table height adjustment
•Easy and safe access for blade change/maintenance/cleaning

Standard Equipment
CE conformity certificate, Instruction manual, Tools, Bandsaw blade and training provided.

Please note these are normally built to order, We do however have ex-demo and second hand machines available.

Posted on 29/Mar/2013 by Angus .