SD-250AE Heavy Duty Automatic Band saw

SD-250AE Heavy Duty Automatic Band saw


This fully automatic 10" bandsaw is equipped with a shuttle vice. It comes preloaded with many useful features such as, swarf conveyor, 34mm blade and a shadow light as standard. If your looking for a cost effective, robust, automatic bandsaw with PLC controls simply look no further.

Max Capacity: 250mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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The SD-250AE is a very heavy duty, high specification automatic bandsaw. Many of the features listed below are normally options with most other manufacturers.

NC controls that not only allow the operator to cut different lengths from the same stock length of material, but also to determine which order he would like them performed.

A normal operating cycle would be: After the cut and before the next cut, the blade speed is reduced automatically to increase the life of the blade.

The swarf conveyor also stops. When the material has been fed through to the cut length, the blade speed increases again and the swarf conveyor starts again.

  • Auto head elevation and fast approach "T Bar".
  • Braided Hoses and Work Lamp.
  • Vice feed automatic with encoder for precision length set.
  • Twin hydraulic vices clamp both sides of material.
  • Simple input of component length and number of pieces via touch screen.
  • Steplessly variable blade speed 20 ~ 80m/mm.
  • Hydraulic blade tension control for optimum blade life.
  • 34mm blade to accurate cutting of solid material.
  • Built in heater in the coolant tank.
  • Powered swarf conveyor.

Cost options available are as follows:

  • Top Clamps, to enable bundle cutting.
  • Variable vice pressure valve.
  • Mist spray lubrication. 


Standard Equipment

Tool kit, Instruction manual, Bi-metal bandsaw blade

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