SD-220GRFA Mitre Roller Feed Automatic Bandsaw

SD-220GRFA Mitre Roller Feed Automatic Bandsaw


This fully automatic, roller fed, mitre bandsaw is equipped with many useful features such as rotary encoder for accurate measuring of cut lengths, swarf conveyor, variable blade speed and a roller table as standard. If your looking for a cost effective, robust, automatic bandsaw with PLC control and mitring simply look no further

Max Capacity: 220mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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This is a fully automatic roller feed, mitre bandsaw with an impressive set of features.

Features include Vice Pressure reduction usefull when processing tube or thin wall sectional material.

NC progammeble control with 10 lines of programming , variable blade speed of between 25-100m/min, powered swarf conveyor which can be activated via the control panel.

  • Hydraulic vice
  • Powered swarf conveyor
  • 1.4 mtr conveyor with adjustable rollers
  • Variable blade speed 22-100m/min
  • NC programmable control
  • Rotary encoder for length stop

Standard Equipment

Tool kit, Instruction manual, Bi-metal bandsaw blade

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