SD-153DV1 Manual Bandsaw

SD-153DV1 Manual Bandsaw


A versatile, manual band saw which is compact, portable and can be mounted either on a workstation or in a vehicle. This sawing machine has an impressive maximum cutting capacity of 153mm single mitre and variable blade speed.

Max Capacity: 153mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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A versatile manual band saw, portable in design this sawing machine has an impressive maximum cutting capacity of 153mm.

This portable sawing machine offers mitre cutting up to 60° for increased versatility. Also features an adjustable double ball bearing guide for outstanding support of the saw blade during heavy metal sawing operations.

The SD-153DV features a 375W blade motor as well as a variable blade speed adjuster for speeds between 35~85mpm. This makes it easier to cut different materials as well as ensuring precise metal sawing every time.

This metal cutting bandsaw has a very rigid cast iron base and pivot point for sturdy and stable cutting. This is to ensure that even during the toughest sawing operations this sawing machine can deliver quality precision cutting.

This portable band saw also has an automatic sawing function which allows the operator to automatically operate the band saw without holding the trigger or having to control the descent speed. A spring setting can be adjusted to configure the bow descent speed allowing for easy operation.

The compact design of this powerful manual band saw makes it ideal for on-site operations such as a small fabrication workshop, garage or even DIY.

The SD-153DV has a number of safety features, such as a cut off limit switch, emergency stop button, and a manual blade tension adjuster.



  • Portable band saw.
  • Variable blade speed.
  • Angle cutting 0°~60°.
  • Cast Iron Base.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Solid Cast Machined Base.



Standard Equipment

Instruction manual, Bi-metal bandsaw blade

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