SD-350DSA Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

SD-350DSA Semi-Automatic Bandsaw


This semi-automatic bandsaw can be operated from the foot pedel, moving the operator from further away from the blade. Built to a high specification this semi-automatic double mitre bandsaw comes complete with diagnostics mounted on the control panel for easy fault finding.

Max Capacity: 270mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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Like its bigger brother the SD-460DSAE, the SD-350DSA is a very heavy duty, high specification bandsaw with many of the features that are normally options with most machines included as standard with the SD-350DSA.

Single button or foot pedal operation commences cycle; vice clamps, bow descends to perform cut, at finish of cut bow returns then vices unclamp.

  • Hydraulic variable control of the bow feed.
  • Easy dual mitre, bow rotates to 60° right, 45° left.
  • Electronic control panel with troubleshooting display located within easy reach of the operator. 
  • Two speed motor for cutting mild steel and stainless steel.
  • Carbide guide pads helps ensure accurate cutting.
  • Short stoke hydraulic vice, which can be moved either side of the blade.
  • Powered Swarf Brush.

Standard Equipment

Tool kit, Instruction manual, Bi-metal bandsaw blade

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