SD-Manual Measuring Extension

SD-Manual Measuring Extension


This is the SD-MA extension sold in 1mtr increments and designed to extend your existing SD-MA beyond its current length,, however it will still be a requirement for the extended extension to be supported by the correct length roller table.

Max Capacity: mm

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If you require the SD-MA  to be longer than listed we have this option.
These can be ordered in muliples for example
If you required a 5Mtr SD-MA you would order:
1x SDMA-3Mtr, 2x SD-MA 1Mtr Extension.
Simple as that.

Standard Equipment

+1Mtr bar and measuring tape, fixings to mount this to your existing rollertable


General Information
Max Capacity: Throat Capacity: Power Input:
Blade Speed: Drive Motor: Tonnage:
Blade size: LxHxD: xx Table Size: 1 Operation:
Model Ref: SD-Manual Measuring Extension Weight: N/A Dimensions x x
General Information
Max Capacity:
Blade Speed:
Blade size: LxHxD: xx
Model Ref: SD-Manual Measuring Extension
Throat Capacity:
Drive Motor:
Table Size: 1
Weight: N/A
Power Input:
Dimensions x x

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