SD-Pallet Board Trim Saw.

SD-Pallet Board Trim Saw.


This semi-automatic sawing machine is designed to trim both virgin and recycled timber pallet boards to the required length and will cut through nails as well as timber enabling the trim saw to deal with recycled timber with nails.

Materials: Non-Ferrous,

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This semi- automatic machine is designed to trim pallet boards to the requires lengths,

The boards are manually placed on the machine and fed through the machine by an automatic chain drive.

Nail cutting saw blades enable the machine to deal with nails embedded into the recycled timber, thus saving time and money.

•Fully CE Compiant
•One man operated
•If used in 'tandam' with a pallet dismantler/stripper it will save recycling costs.
•Automatic chain feed working at 20 boards per minute (1200 per hour)
•4 or more adjustable stops allowing boards lengths of 550mm-1700mm to be cut at one pass
•Can use TCT NiMatrix nail cutting circular saw blades, means It will process virgin and recycled timber.

Standard Equipment

Instruction manual, Tool Kit and Blade.

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