Warranty Information

Warranty Information for Machines Supplied by Saws Direct Ltd.

In the unlikely event your machine needs to be returned to Saws Direct Ltd for warranty work the customer is responsible for sending or delivering the goods back to us for repairs.

You will need authorisation from our service department before returning a machine for repair as, in many cases, our experienced technical engineers can help you identify and rectify a problem on the telephone.

Please find a simple check list below:

Machine Checklist:-

Machine will not start

  • Check all 3 supply phases to the main isolator of the machine.
  • Check all 3 output phases on the machine are present.
  • Check fuses in the machine.

The above should be done by a competent and trained technician.

  • Check the isolator on the machine.
  • Check all overloads in machine have been reset.
  • Check guard interlock switches are working.
  • Is the blade fitted correctly and fully tensioned.

Blade is cutting out of square

  • Fit a new saw blade and check it is the correct blade for the application.
  • Check the saw blade is correctly positioned with in the guides and is correctly tensioned.
  • Adjust the swarf brush as shown in the manual and replace if worn.
  • Check the guide arms are securely clamped and positioned out of the way of the vice clamps.
  • Clean all guide pads and bearings, making sure that the bearings are free running and not seized.
  • Check and adjust the cutting feed rate as this could be too fast.

If new parts are required please refer to the machine manual for part numbers and phone the Kettering office quoting the machine model, serial number and part numbers required.