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It's no wonder we are featuring this circular saw (or you may call it a coldsaw, chop saw or cutoff saw) as our machine of the month. As a rule these are popular machines in general but the SD-350CS circular saw has all the right features covering a large spectrum of tasks. Most importantly, some may say, is the blade itself. A 350mm blade is run by a two speed motor giving the options of 18 o...Read More

Posted on 18/Feb/2016 by Saws Direct.

What does the above phrase have to do with Saws Direct? A valid question. It has to do with the pallet recycling machine the Pallet Warrior band saw. This pallet recycling machine, or often referred to as the green machine, strips or dismantles pallets back down to their original components. The pieces can then be reused for making new pallets or for repairing old ones. So how does it...Read More

Posted on 12/Jan/2016 by Saws Direct.

Saws Direct is bringing you another Machine of the Month. This month it is the GEKA SD-Microcrop Ironworker. The SD Microcrop is an indispensable machine for any fabricators, workshops and structural applications. It can accomplish a variety of workroom tasks made possible by it’s 3 work stations. Such tasks include punching, bar shearing and angle cutting. This 36 ton machine can punch ...Read More

Posted on 18/Dec/2015 by Saws Direct.

We will be featuring a different saw from every month. It will include pictures, videos and a general overview of the machine we have selected. Horizontal and Heavy Duty Band Saw The first Saw of the Month is the SD-250A Manual Band Saw. This manual horizontal bandsaw is a heavy duty machine and includes features often found in larger and more expensive models. It has impressive cast...Read More

Posted on 09/Nov/2015 by Saws Direct.

We have included some new additions to our range of saws. These include the following three machines: SD-270S, 3 phase dual mode mitre bandsaw  featuring: hydraulic controlled blade decent, twin blade speed and coolant pump. Link: SD-270HB 3 phase dual mode mitre bandsaw with uprated hydraulic controls, enabling greater control of t...Read More

Posted on 20/Oct/2013 by Angus .

When you go on our main website you'll have the chance to chat to a live operator. We understand that not everyone will like this new facility, But it is there to if you need it and we will be more than happy to assist you.  But this service can and will give you fast access to some of the answers you need regarding bandsaws, circular saws and ironworkers.  Plea...Read More

Posted on 08/Sep/2013 by Angus .

The Pallet Warrior is designed to dismantle/strip broken or unwanted pallets back down into component parts. The pallets are manually fed through the machine and a band saw blade sepatates the blocks and boards by cutting the nails. The boards and blocks etc. can then be recycled into new pallets or used to repair pallets. •Fully CE compliant •Can be used as one or two man operat...Read More

Posted on 29/Mar/2013 by Angus .

We have included the impressive SD-460DSA Semi-automatic bandsaw within our range of saws. This bandsaw has features that are normally options with most machines included as standard, 41mm blade, vice pressure reduction, variable blade speed. More details can be found here:  Read More

Posted on 05/Feb/2013 by Angus.

Saws Direct one of the fastest growing suppliers of bandsaw machines in the UK have joined forces with one of the fastest growing suppliers of bandsaw machines in the world to offer its customers a complete range of manual bandsaw, semi and fully automatic bandsaw machines. SawsDirect offer bandsaw machines with capacities from 170mm x 140mm up to 1600mm x 1250mm and are also ab...Read More

Posted on 13/Sep/2012 by Angus .