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"Waste not, want not"

What does the above phrase have to do with Saws Direct? A valid question. It has to do with the pallet recycling machine the Pallet Warrior band saw.

This pallet recycling machine, or often referred to as the green machine, strips or dismantles pallets back down to their original components. The pieces can then be reused for making new pallets or for repairing old ones.

So how does it work? The pallets are held together by nails attaching the boards to the blocks, therefore the Pallet Warrior disassembles the pallet by cutting through the nails. The Pallet Warrior blade is set to the required cutting height. Then, manually the pallet passes through the blade with pallet boards underneath and the blocks above the blade. This can be a one or two man job.

When it comes to the blade, safety comes first! A broken blade can be very dangerous which is why the motor is automatically cut out by the blade sensor if the blade breaks. The band saw blade can also be replaced easily and safely and has a fully automated tensioning system.

To learn more about the pallet recycling band saw “Pallet Warrior” please visit or call a member of staff on 01536 514951 for questions and placing an order.

Posted on 12/Jan/2016 by Saws Direct.