SD-Microcrop Ironworker

SD-Microcrop Ironworker


The Geka Microcrop is a 36 ton single cylinder steelworker designed to punch, bar shear and cut angles with a throat capacity of 170mm. The Microcrop Steelworker has three work stations.


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The Geka Microcrop single cylinder steelworker.

This punching machine has three work stations, Punch, bar shear and angle cutting.

• Powered with a 2.2KW motor.
• Maximum Punching capacity 27 x 10mm.
• Maximum Punching Power 360KN.
• Maximum Stroke 28mm.
• Throat 170mm.
• 24 Cycles per minute (15mm Stroke).

* Optional Equipment available: Oversize unit for punching diameters 40 x 8mm.

About GEKA Steelworkers

Geka have been manufacturing steelworkers since 1919 and have been established in the UK since the 1970's. 

Standard Equipment

Tool kit, Instruction manual

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