SD Minicrop Steelworker

SD Minicrop Steelworker


The Geka Minicrop is a single cylinder 45 ton punching machine with 4 work stations. This punching shears can cut at 90º with no deformation. The goose neck die-holder is designed for punching D and E sections in legs and webs.

Max Capacity: mm
Materials: Solid,

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The GEKA Minicrop steelworker, is a versatile single cylinder, 4 station machine (punch, bar/plate/angle shear and notcher stations).

This little power house has 45 tons of punching power enough to punch a 27mm hole through 13mm plate. and shear plate upto a maximum 300 x 10mm capacity.

The angle shear station has a unique design in so much as the angle cutting blade moves in a linear motion.

This design enables the minicrop to cut both sides of the angle at the same time, eliminating the deformation found on more conventional machines which tend to cut one side before the other, which ‘spreads’ the end of the angle once cut.

  • Punching
  • Flat bar shearing
  • Notching
  • Cutting round & square bars
  • Options available


Standard Equipment

Instruction Manual

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