SD Multicrop Hydraulic Steelworker

SD Multicrop Hydraulic Steelworker


The Geka Multicrop is a single cylinder 45 ton punching machine with 5 work stations. This hydraulic ironworker is specialized in cutting at 45º. It includes a special station for cutting at 45º, on angular profiles as well as those inwards and outwards.

Max Capacity: 1mm

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The MULTICROP model offers, all features of the MINICROP model, as well as shearing angle section iron at 45º leg in and leg out.

  • Punching
  • Flat bar shearing & section shearing at 90° & 45°
  • Notching
  • Cutting round & square bars
  • Standard L shear blades, round and square bars
  • Cutting of angled sections at 45º both inside and outside
  • Standard blades for cutting L, round and square bar
  • Shear for section iron L at 45º wings in and out

Standard Equipment

Instruction Manual

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