SDBS 330HAS Automatic Bandsaw

SDBS 330HAS Automatic Bandsaw


Heavy duty, vice feed, automatic bandsaw complete with bundle clamps

Max Capacity: 350mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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  • Variable invertor speed contro
  • Blade speed readout
  • Bundle clamps fitted as standard to both front and rear vice for multiple bar cutting
  • Multi pass to facilitate the cutting of components that are longer than the 400mm material feed stroke
  • Split front vice to minimise burr by securing both sides of the material either side of the blade
  • Blade monitor to automatically stop the machine in the event of a blade break/jam.
  • 34mm wide blade
  • Cuts solids including stainless steel and sections
  • Hydraulic blade tension for fast cutting
  • Easy operation with full stroke hydraulic vices
  • High accuracy on squareness and cut length

Optional Features

  • Fixed blade speeds of 25, 32, 42, 55, 70 & 80 m/min
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Vice pressure reduction

Standard Equipment

Instruction Manual

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