SDWE 270DS Manual Bandsaw

SDWE 270DS Manual Bandsaw

£4500.00 excl. VAT and delivery

The SDWE 270DS horizontal manual bandsaw ideally suited to a fabrication workshop where dual mitring is required. Featuring gravity downfeed, hardened guide pads, 2 blade speeds, 1" blade coupled with the ability to double mitre these features makes this bandsaw ideal for smaller workshops.

Max Capacity: 227mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, PVC,

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Dual Mode means it can be used as a pull down or in gravity mode, this bandsaw often replaces customers existing circular saw's, due to capacity, foot print and overall running costs.

•  Manual operation to cut light sections quickly.
•  Can be left cutting unattended when cutting larger sections and solids.
•  Variable control of bow feed when in gravity mode.
•  Easy mitre bow rotates to 60° right and 45° left.
• Fast acting vice, great for repediative cutting.
• 2 blade speeds.
• Separate coolant pump housed in the base for ease of maintenance.
• Smaller footprint perfect for the smaller workshops where space is a premium.


Standard Equipment

Tool kit, Instruction manual, Bi-metal bandsaw blade.

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