SDW 410.280DG Manual Bandsaw

SDW 410.280DG Manual Bandsaw


The SDW 410.280DG is a manual horizontal bandsaw with a swing head for easy mitring up to 60°. The machine features a great, well readable miter scale right on the front of the machine at the clamping lever. There is also an innovative clamping device with the Quick-Move-System and quick clamping in a tightening design.

Max Capacity: 410mm
Materials: Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous,

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  • 2 way mitre – 60° right, 60° left 
  • Easy to read mitre scale
  • Precision hydraulic down feed control 
  • Pivoting control panel 
  • Simple to use, robust controls 
  • Variable blade speed 20 to 120 m/min
  • Quick release vice mechanism
  • Dovetail sliding vice for bow rotation 
  • Blade width 27mm
  • Bed height: 756mm

Standard Equipment

Instruction Manual

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