SD 2012 Vertical Bandsaw

SD 2012 Vertical Bandsaw


This vertical bandsaw is suitable for cutting a wide range of material types and sections in a workshop or toolroom This versatile machine features variable blade speed, a tilt table and an integral blade welder. It has a max throat capacity of 508mm and maximum cut height of 305mm.

Max Capacity: 305mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous,

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  • 508mm throat
  • Maximum cut height 305mm
  • Cast iron machine table tilts 15° right, 12° left & 8° front & back
  • Sets of guide rollers above & below the table, adjustable according to blade width
  • Blade width capacity 3 to 25 mm
  • Blade speed continuously variable from 20 to 1000 m/min.
  • Halogen work light as standard
  • Manual blade tensioning to mechanical stop
  • Integral blade welder (6 to 19mm capacity)
  • Chip Blower to keep cutting line clear
  • Comprehensive safety specification

Blade Size 3970 x 25
Blade Speed 20 to 1,000m/min

Optional Features

  • Powered table with 300mm stroke

Standard Equipment

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