SDV 350 Manual Circular Saw

SDV 350 Manual Circular Saw


This heavy duty manual circular saw is operated by a hand lever and offers easy mitre cutting for the workshop or toolroom. It features a self-centring double split vice to grip material on both sides and two cutting speeds.

Max Capacity: 120mm
Materials: Solid, Sections, Ferrous,

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  • Very heavy duty
  • Nickel bronze gear with precision ground & hardened worm drive screw
  • Robust, double hinged pivot
  • Low voltage switch within the pull-own grip
  • Double counterbalance springs
  • Easy, positive ±45°deg mitre
  • Double split vice to grip material on both sides
  • Self-centring of vice optimises cutting position
  • 2 Speed main motor
  • Adjustable bar stop 400mm
  • Large, square, integral base for stability
  • Internal electric coolant pump
  • Coolant tank with integral chip tray

Optional Features:

  • Pneumatic vice
  • Mist spray lubrication system

Standard Equipment

Instruction Manual

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