SD-Manual Measuring 3mtr

SD-Manual Measuring 3mtr


The SD-MA3 is the 3mtr manual measuring module for fixing to the roller table M330 - M430 up to 3mtr in length. These can be extended by adding more extensions below these are priced at 1mtr sections.


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This is a manual measuring component which is to be fixed to a rollerway (Not included in this kit).
This unit is available upto 3mtr modules, 1mtr extension would be needed .
With this setup and working your cuts will be to your desired length every time.

This unit can be fitted to either the SD-M330 or the SD-M430.

Please note the rollerway is NOT included with this component

Standard Equipment

3Mtr bar and measuring tape, measuring head with locking lever and fixings to mount this to your existing rollertable.


General Information
Max Capacity: 0 Throat Capacity: Power Input:
Blade Speed: Drive Motor: Tonnage:
Blade size: LxHxD: xx Table Size: Operation:
Model Ref: SD-Manual Measuring 3mtr Weight: Dimensions x x
General Information
Max Capacity: 0
Blade Speed:
Blade size: LxHxD: xx
Model Ref: SD-Manual Measuring 3mtr
Throat Capacity:
Drive Motor:
Table Size:
Power Input:
Dimensions x x

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